Dr. Brent Hoke, M.D.
Medical Director
Country Club Care Center

Dr. Brent Hoke has practiced family medicine in the Warrensburg area for over 20 years. After completing a three year residency at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Hoke was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base. While on active duty, he was deployed during Desert Storm.

When Dr. Hoke returned, he joined Central Family Medicine in Warrensburg in 1994. At this time he obtained an additional certification in Sports Medicine. Since obtaining the certification he has been a team physician for the University of Central Missouri. He has also been providing volunteer coverage for high school football for over 20 years.

After joining Central Family Medicine he has been a local nursing home director. He also cares for patients that require long-term nursing care.

Dr. Hoke has been married to his wife, Denise, for 20 years. They have four children. When they were younger, Denise would often accompany him on his nursing home rounds. He takes great pride in the care provided at Country Club Care Center.